Auteur: Douglass, David
Titel: Ghost Dancers
Sub titel: The Miners' Last Generation (Stardust and Coaldust - A Coalminers Mahabharata)

The final volume in Dave Douglassís mining trilogy, Stardust and Coaldust, published to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the end of the minersí strike. A first-person, insiderís view, of, probably, the last generation of miners and their union. Following on Cameronís description of Ďa broken Britainí this book comes close to describing who broke it and how. The definitive history of the great coal strike of 1984/85 and the background to it, this book explodes all the prevailing myths around that epic period, and corrects the inaccuracies in dozens of books previously penned by academics and journalists. Written by a participant at the sharp end of that struggle, it uniquely deals with the poststrike period, which hitherto no other writer has attempted to describe, nor any commentator understood. It portrays the efforts of the miners to stay in the ring and stay on their feet, in the run-up to the John Major assault in í92/í93 and the last stand of the miners as a social force. The book reveals the harsh internal relations within the National Union of Mineworkers in the post-strike years, set against a backdrop and commentary on other world and domestic events like the Poll Tax, the Gulf War, and the Good Friday Agreement. Inevitably, it addresses the role of Arthur Scargill both during and after the strike ó which in the authorís view displays two distinct and conflicting aspects of his leadership. However, Dave shows how the central role in both periods was that played by the miners themselves organised in their Union. Dave has not sought to exclude those smaller, more personal aspects that intersect this trajectory and link the personal to the political, the major to the minor. Though it is not written in the style or with the pretensions of academic neutrality, this book will be an essential reference for any serious academic study in the future. The title of this work, `Ghost Dancers', is inspired by the last stand of the Native American Indians in their efforts to retain their culture and dignity, and by the Durham Minersí Gala as a mining equivalent of that same endeavour. The book records the last stand of the last generation of pitmen and their communities.
2010, 510 pag., Euro 17,3
Christie Books, East Sussex, ISBN 9781873976401

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