Auteur: Various
Titel: Last Hours (ex-Rancid News) # 16 zine
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Once again it's 116 pages of interviews, columns, comics and reviews. We've improved the print quality again though, gone is the gloss paper, and in is thicker, uncoated paper. The issue was supposed to be a doom and gloom issue about bands calling it quits, social movements dying, zines ceasing publication and generally life being rubbish. Fortunately when we started researching, and writing we discovered that actually new political struggles are coming at us left right and centre, incredible new bands are popping up every day, new zines are printing, and actually life is pretty good, even if the weather outside is rotten to the core! So for the issue we've moved back home there's an article and series of interviews called 'Homemade Punk Rock', looking at DIY punk house shows and parties with interviews from Craig Moral Dilema, PJ and Gaby, Tommy Comstock, Adam Homestead, Russ Substance and more. They chat about letting punk rock kids into their house, bands playing in gardens/ living rooms/ conservatories and how awesome it is. To add to the theme there's an article on Home Education and how empowering and fun it is to be homeschooled. Then there's an interview with Lil & Kafren from Household Name Records, arguably the most important UK punk label, and still going strong after ten years, an interview with Duncan from Billy No Mates and Snuff, as well as Hero Dishonest, Toronto Zine Library, Rentokill, Guerilla Girls, Social Parasites and more. The articles come think and fast too, with stuff on the surprising success of the recent anti-G8 mobilisations in Germany, the changing face of US zines, recent anti-police surveillance actions, Climate Camp, the London Coalition against Poverty, the fetishization of apocalypse and more.. There's 14 pages of columns from Isy, Mikey D, Chris 12o5, Natalie, Phil Chokeword, Itch (King Blues) and Chris 'Lipgloss' Lever. All the columns have been illustrated by the rather incredible Matilda Huang ( And there's 20 pages of the latest CD, book, comic and zine reviews, with illustrations from Elias Martinez, Rob Jones, Freya Harrison, Andrew Waugh, Chris Getliffe and Heather Crabtree. Then there's comics from Hey Monkey Riot, The Weekend Starts There, and Rum Lad (Steve Larder's reportage illustration) plus more.
2007, 116 pag., Euro 3,6
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