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Titel: Last Hours (ex-Rancid News) # 13 zine
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Last Hours issue 13 takes a dive into the comic book world and how it relates to DIY culture in 2006. Be prepared for articles on internet comics, a history of comics and punk music, and what some of our favourite comics are. Tank Girl Alan Martin talks about his creation and convincing Hollywood executives to import water buffalo in this amazing eight page comic illustrated by Jonny Red.. Seth Tobocman and Nicole Schulmam. Discuss 3rd World War illustrated, New York's anarchist and activist scene post-9/11 and their hopes of how comics can make people think a little bit more. Jeffrey Brown The author of Clumsy, Unlikely, Any Easy Intimacy and a bunch of other mini-comics and collaborations discusses love, life and his home town Chicago. AVOW zine Keith Rosson discusses his illustrations and the tenth year anniversary of AVOW. Polyp The insurrectionary illustrator talks about his comics and the age old question of whether its more damaging to mock or damn. Making Stuff and Doing Things Kyle Bravo of Hot Iron Press talks about the DIY scene surviving Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath in New Orleans. Pogo Café, Radical vegan cafe dishes up the dirt on what its like to try and take punk ideals into the real world. This Bike is a Pipebomb These guys rip into 'punk', and how with the proliferation of Warped Tour stealing our language etc. we need to find a new definition of what we're all doing. Also featuring interviews with:_Born Dead, Gogol Bordello, Al Burian (of Milemarker), Isy Morgenmuffel, Restarts, Typocrat, Moenster, Navajo Code and the Planet Smashers”
2006, pag., Euro 3,2
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