Auteur: Churchill, Ward & Natsu Taylor Saito (eds.)
Titel: Confronting The Crime Of Silence
Sub titel: Evidence Of US War Crimes In Indochina

With this two-volume collection, Ward Churchill and Natsu Saito have assembled material from three of the most powerful documents of the Vietnam era: Bertrand Russell's International War Crimes Tribunal, the Vietnam Veterans Against the War's Winter Soldier Investigation, and the Congressional records of the Dellums Committee Hearings on War Crimes in Vietnam. Fully annotated with extensive commentary by the editors, these documents blow away the "fog of war" surrounding US war crimes in Indochina. From "free fire zones" to defoliation campaigns, Jean-Paul Sartre to Green Berets the testimonies they present paint a picture of wholesale criminality systematically orchestrated by US policy makers and executed by its foot soldiers. We are offered a chilling view of the moral and legal issues surrounding US military engagement. Examining the evidence of war crimes in Indochina, the International Tribunal testimonies include Noam Chomsky, Bertrand Russell, Gabriel Kolko, Tariq Ali, Dave Dellinger, and assorted historians, scientists, and journalists. From the Dellums Committee Hearings and the Winter Soldier Investigation, we hear from combat soldiers themselves as they recount the grisly realities of a genocidal war. By confronting the silence, Churchill and Saito do justice not only to the victims of our indefensible crimes, but to all of us, as we bear our moral responsibility to end today's wars of aggression.
2007, 1100 pag., Euro 35
AK Press, Edinburgh, ISBN 1904859216

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