Auteur: Patten, John
Titel: Islands of Anarchy : Simian, Cienfuegos and Refract 1969-1987
Sub titel: An annotated bibliography

Simian and Cienfuegos came out of the anarchist resurgence of the nineteen sixties. Under the direction of Stuart Christie, the charismatic Scottish anarchist, they went from duplicated pamphlets to an ambitious book publishing programme. Cienfuegos (and later Refract) developed an international network of collaborators and supporters and an impressive list of titles recording anarchist history and advancing a practical libertarian critique of authoritarianism. Their achievements included the irregular but voluminous Cienfuegos Press Anarchist Review and the controversial resistance handbook Towards A Citizens' Militia. This bibliography has been produced with the assistance of people who were involved in these publishing projects. An introduction tells the story of Simian, Cienfuegos and Refract and places them in their historical and political context. Section A, organised chronologically, records full bibliographic details of titles published by Simian, Cienfuegos and Refract and gives an insight into the publishing history of each item. Section B clears up confusion surrounding titles distributed but not published by Simian, Cienfuegos or Refract. Section c gives a comprehensive list of titles projected but never completed. Each section gives details of previous and later editions for each item to allow an assessment of their place in anarchist publishing history. The appendices reproduce contemporary documents which illuminate the history, practice and motivation of these projects. This bibliography will be a vital reference work for those studying modern British and European anarchism. It also presents the publishing historian with an in-depth examination of three radical publishing ventures, the international network which they developed and the political context in which they operated.
2003, 77 pag., Euro 25
Kate Sharpley Library, London, ISBN 1873605234

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