Auteur: Gregory, Roberta
Titel: Burn, Bitchy, Burn
Sub titel:

The popular character Bitchy Bitch returns to rant and rave her way through modern and medieval society. Included in this collection of Gregory's legendary Naughty Bits comic book series is the classic "Fallout," in which Bitchy Bitch believes she is going into menopause, causing her to remember moments of her youth. She flashes back to her childhood in the 1960s, complete with memories of bomb shelters, school, and backstabbing kiddies. Unfortunately, she realizes that not much has changed from the playground to the office. "Adult-erated" provides more insight into the past of comicdom's only permanently PO'd and PMS'd protagonist, focusing on Bitchy's post-college years, including her first apartment. Follow her as she journeys into adulthood, dealing with sex, responsibility, and the tedium of corporate America. In "Sylvia's Week," Bitchy is on vacation and the spotlight turns to her co-worker Sylvia. As a devotee to the New Age movement, Sylvia tries to use crystals and meditation to deal with the stresses of everyday office life and her dead weight of a husband. The title strip, "Burn, Bitch, Burn," centers on "Witchy Bitch," a 12th Century medicine woman and dead ringer for Bitchy Bitch. Accused of being a witch and sentenced to burning at the stake, Witchy feels no less oppressed by her society than her future counterpart, to say the least. But is she really a witch? That's a question the villagers find out the answer to the hard way, through a little thing called the Black Plague. These classic Gregory strips are supplemented with an all-new strip created especially for this collection.
2002, 66 pag., Euro 14,8
, , ISBN 1560974923

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