Auteur: Holloway, John
Titel: Change the World without taking Power
Sub titel: The meaning of revolution today (new updated edition)

The series of demonstrations since Seattle have crystallized a new trend in left-wing politics. Popular support across the world for the Zapatista uprising and the enthusiasm which it has inspired has led to new types of protest movement that ground their actions on both Marxism and Anarchism. These movements are fighting for radical social change in terms that have nothing to do with the taking of state power. This is in clear opposition to the traditional Marxist theory of revolution that centers on taking state power. In this book, John Holloway asks how we can reformulate our understanding of revolution as the struggle against power, not for power. After a century of failed attempts by revolutionary and reformist movements to bring about radical social change, the concept of revolution itself is in crisis. John Holloway opens up the theoretical debate, reposing some of the basic concepts of Marxism in a critical development of the subversive Marxist tradition represented by Adorno, Bloch and Lukacs, amongst others, and grounded in a rethinking of Marx's concept of "fetishization" - how doing is transformed into being. The struggle for radical change, Holloway argues, far from being marginalized, is becoming more and more embedded in our everyday lives. Revolution today must be understood as a question, not as an answer.
2005, 277 pag., Euro 20,65
Pluto Press, London, ISBN 9780745324661

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